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Westcourt Tango Group

Westcourt Tango is based in East Kent and holds regular drop in classes in Canterbury. We encourage dancing socially and hold weekly practicas in Canterbury, monthly Tango Tea Dances in Shepherdswell and bi-monthly milongas in Littlebourne.

Live music is a joy to listen and dance to, and occasionally during the year we have live music at our tea dances or milongas

Everyone, from beginners to the more advanced is welcome at our social events, regardless of where your normally dance or take classes.

Our aim is to get Kent dancers dancing tango together. You are assured of a warm welcome at Westcourt Tango.


Westcourt Tango hold regular classes in Argentine Tango in Canterbury and Whitstable

We suggest that if you have no knowledge of the dance you choose the Whitstable Beginners Class.

Come with or without a partner

CANTERBURY - Kendall Hall

7.15-8.15pm All Level Class

One hour class building on the fundamentals of this beautiful dance, covering technique, musicality and putting it all into practice in a short sequence

8.15pm-10pm Practicalonga

A mix of Practica and Milonga, two separate areas one for general dancing and one for trying out a move. Help is on hand if needed.
The emphasis on Wednesday Evenings will be on traditional tango music with an occasional Nuevo.

WHITSTABLE - Whitstable Castle , Tower Hill, Whitstable. CT5 2BW

7.30-8.30pm Absolute Beginners Class
8.30-9.30pm Social Dancing

The emphasis on Tuesday evenings will be towards Nuevo and Neo Tango music. Admission Class and Social £7, Social Dancing only £3


Our teaching is based on the methods taught in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Home of Tango. From the outset we teach the fundamentals of the dance: good posture, balance, technique, body control, musicality, and elegance in your movements. Our aim is to produce confident tango dancers who can enjoy dancing socially. To attain this level of confidence it is crucial to consider correct posture, the embrace, and how to lead and follow this beautiful, improvised dance, not only at special workshops but at every class.


We hold regular workshops with visiting teachers from Argentina,our next workshop is in June, when Pablos Nievas makes his annual visit to Canterbury as part of his European Tour

dance the beautiful dance of Argentine Tango

Social dancing is the main reason for learning Argentine Tango, and Westcourt Tango host three regular events that are open to everyone and not just our students.

Our popular Argentine Tango Tea Dance held at Shepherdswell, normally on the 1st Sunday of the month and our bi monthly Milonga at Littlebourne are ideal occasions to dance, socialise with fellow dancers and enjoy tea or coffee and cakes. Our music is played in tandas, and is a mixture of traditional tango, vals and milonga with the occasional tanda of Nuevo and Neo.

Every Wednesday, after the Tango Boost Lesson, we hold a Practilonga from 8.15-10pm at Canterbury, the hall is split into two, with an area for general dancing and another to practise your steps. The cost is £8.00


Dancing to authentic Live Tango Music is an experience not to be missed and at Westcourt Tango we actively promote live Argentine Tango Music with some of the best Argentine Tango Musicians.

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